ShiftFit by Shift

Reaching your desired fitness goals isn’t easy. Thanks to ShiftFit app by Shift you will be given the tools you need to reach your fitness goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up or gain muscle mass, ShiftFit will help you every step of the way. ShiftFit will make it simple for you to log your meals so you can track your calorie and nutritional intake with ease. The app will allow you to achieve your goals through customised, actionable tips and coaching based on a range of factors such as calorie intake, health and activity history.

A range of studies have confirmed keeping track of both your daily activity and food intake increases the chances of reaching your desired fitness goals. ShiftFit will become your one stop shop to reaching your fitter and  healthier self.

Whilst you will have the use of all our start of the art tools and supportive community to help you keep on track it also pays to stay on track and reach your fitness goals with ShiftFit. Once you have locked in your fitness goals within the app you will earn Shift Tokens. Get  paid crypto for achieving your fitness goals. You will also be able to earn further Shift Crypto tokens by participating in daily, weekly and monthly fitness challenges. You will also be able to wager your tokens against your friends and compete in fitness challenges against each other using the battleground feature which will be available on our app.  It pays to keep fit and reach your fitness goals with ShiftFit by Shift.  

Shift Technology 

Shift Technology will be an exciting and innovative part of our ecosystem focusing purely on the exploration of future technologies. We will aim to be at the forefront of the most innovative technologies when it comes to fitness and health. A full team of experts in there respected fields will be assembled with the simple task of creating products which will be accessible for all consumers in the fitness and health sector.

Products will range from but not be limited to artificial intelligence (AI) to robotics. We will also create products which can be integrated within our ShiftFit app. Such products will include wireless enabled wearable technology, activity trackers and Physical fitness monitors, all of which you will be able to monitor your health in real time ranging from heart rate to the quality of your sleep.