A contract with self-feeding LP, marketing, development, buy back wallet  and charity allowance. Holders will also be able to earn crypto for reaching their fitness goals such as losing weight and competing in daily, weekly and monthly fitness and health related challenges. 

Safe & Secure 

3% LP tax goes directly to the liquidity pool to forever strengthen the projects price floor.

Buy Backs

1% of every transaction will be sent to the buy back wallet. The wallet will be manually activated to stabilize the price if required .

Marketing Wallet

3% of each and every transaction goes to further market the project and build the Shift brand into a household name.

Charity Wallet

1% of each transaction goes towards charitable causes. Giving back to those who need gastric bypasses and other health related surgeries.


3% of each transaction goes to the development wallet to aid the development of all of Shift utilities.

Earn Crypto

Shift holders will be able to earn tokens by reaching their fitness goals and competing in daily, weekly and monthly challenges.